Dear CMA Colleagues,

The missions Rendez-Vous 2011 (約會 2011)would like to ask you/your church to pray for the following items. Thanks.

1 Give thanks to God for those already signed up (80 +) for Missions Rendez-Vous 2011. Pray that God will prepare them to respond to the calling for His missions.
為已報名參加「宣教約會 2011」的青年人 (80 +) 而感恩,求主預備他們起來回應神的宣教召命。
2 Pray for those who are deciding or waiting for a decision to attend MRV 2011 and that they will clearly see God's will and take a leap of faith.
3 Pray that God will open everyone's eyes to the pressing needs of spreading the gospel through this conference and the situation in Thailand.

Please pray for a variety of preparatory needs in promotion, content, administration, management, and music among others. In addition, please pray for the aid and participation of local missionaries.


Dick Kaan

RV 2011 Planning Committee

18 Sep, 2011