CAWF History

About 30 pastors from 8 nations/regions attended the China Ministry Consultation in Hong Kong on Oct 28,2003. During the meeting, we found the needs to facilitate cooperation amongst the Chinese C & M A Churches to promote mutual caring and support, resource allocation and ministry collaboration, so as to meet the needs of Chinese mission and evangelism around the world. We decided to form the Chinese Alliance World Fellowship (CAWF) and set up the committee to follow out the plan.

The Formation Committee then made the draft of the Constitution. On April 22, 2004, about 20 Chinese pastors gathered at the De Bron Conference Centre, Dalfsen in Holland, we confirmed the Constitution of CAWF and the first meeting will be held on Oct 25-30, 2005 in Hong Kong.

The Formation Meeting which was held on Dec 8-9, 2004, decided that the first CAWF will be held at the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong (Waterloo Road, Kowloon). The theme is " Alliance Vision, World Mission". The members are¡G

Rev. Peter Chu
(Executive Director of Chinese Churches Association of the C & M A in USA)
Rev. Francis Tam
(Executive Secretary of Canadian Chinese Alliance Churches Association)
Rev. Wilson Tran
(President of C & M A Church Union of Taiwan )
Rev. Tony Wong
(Chairman of Australian Chinese Alliance Church Committee)
Rev. Karl Leung
(President of Chinese Alliance Churches Union of UK)
Rev. Yiu Tim-sau
(General Secretary of C & M A Church Union of Hong Kong)